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On July 22nd I got a voicemail and an email from: Leandra D. D'Ambrosio District Customer Service Manager Bed Bath & Beyond and buybuy Baby Home Store (717) 397-0206 Leandra.D'Ambrosio@bedbath.com She wanted more information and I sent her everything I could remember.

I sent that email on 8/14/2018 and not had any further correspondence from the company.

Nothing has been resolved at this moment. Karen A Boland Hughes

Original review posted by user Jul 24

Saturday I was at the Exton Pa store. I had several hundred dollars in gift cards from my wedding.

I went to customer service to ask how much money was the total accrued. I waited in the customer service line. There were 3 people ahead of me. As I stepped forward to be the next in line, the clerk said "next person".

I was the next person and she told me that she "had to take the person her boss told her to take" The person just waited on, and the people she called,both told her I was next. She said "my boss said". I was in the customer service line, and she took someone from the cashier's lane. I am still so angry about this.

It happened around 2pm. I put all of my things down and left immediately. What is the point of customer service? I needed help, I was GOING to buy several hundred dollars in gift cards.

Not now. I

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