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I've been needing to get this off my chest for years. I remember the day I bought my paper towel holder/dispenser...what have you, at BED BATH AND BEYOND.

It had a sticker on it that said 50% off, and it looked like it also had been returned. The yellow sticker I believe said, "as is." Every single day when I use it to grab a paper towel, it doesn't spin. It gets stuck and you're left with a *** little corner piece of a paper towel. It angers me every.

Single. Time. Multiple times a day. This has been going on for 4 years.

If someone else didn't want it, why would I? Do you know how much anger and frustration this thing has caused me!? Well you know what???? Today is the day that IT'S GOING IN THE TRASH.

GOODBYE. Sayonara sucker. I made my own paper towel holder, because I'm too pissed off (and broke, and lazy) to go buy a new one. I've included pictures.

If I could, I would record a video of me trying to use the *** paper towel holder I bought from BBB, but you don't want to hear me say MOTHER f****** F***.

I believe you might also be hostile after using this paper towel holder for 4 years straight, never getting one single perfectly rectangular paper towel. I have to go now.

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Umm not to *** you off anymore than you already are, but... you could have returned it. LoL


I would use WD-40 if I were you. Not to fix the squeaking, you brilliantly solved that issue the only way you knew how, but by inhaling the fumes so that you can unremember the last four years of your life where you let a small kitchen utensil boss you around.

to Anonymous #1025225

Are you people not realizing how big of a joke this is?


Why on EARTH would a person allow such a petty thing to cause such angst FOR FOUR YEARS!? Its not like pt holders are.hard to come by. Life could only get better for you now....

to Anonymous Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States #1023994

why would the person above choose for a person what is petty and what is not petty? There is a bit of humor in the review.

It was obviously meant to be funny and to make people laugh. You my friend, your life will probably suck for a while.

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