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Worst managerial staff ever in triangle mall in raleigh,nc. They did not follow tornado drill training in the April 2011 raleigh nc tornado.

A woman from Sanford told me that the same tornado flattened buildings and it was headed towards us. The managers were outside taking pictures of debris on their phones and encouraged others outside to witness lightening and debris. The manager was suppose to make an announcement, he never did. Instead two people walked out the door minutes before the storm hit.

The manager never took the employees off their registers..they were 10 feet from glass windows and customers were right behind them..hmmn let me see 165 mph winds and glass windows..thats not going to stop a tree or car from coming into the store and killing people.The manager had no idea that a heart patient and a bunch of people were in the bathroom with a flashlight and chairs that I brought to them. One employee, not a manger, helped out by bringing water and a radio.

What were these managers thinking?!? Their immaturity and stupidity could have gotten people killed.

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